A timed out or illegal access box displays when downloading.

When items take a long time to download or when you try to open the download URL with another browser or PC, a timed out or illegal access box will be displayed.

Login again and restart the download.
Please note that when you login again, the One-Time Token assigned to the URL will be updated. Be sure to access your purchased item page after logging in.
(Having the download page open in another window or tab, or copy and pasting the old URL will result in an unauthorized access.)

If issues still occur after trying the above, please check the following.

1. Invalid cookies
Make sure cookies are enabled on your browser as they are needed to verivy user access between S-courtDL and DL server.
There are some cases where cookies become prohibited when browser security settings are set to maximum level.
If possible, try downloading through another browser.

2. Frequently changing IP address
When IP addresses are changed through methods such as tethering, there are cases when access would be recognized as an access from a foreign background.
If possible, please try downloading through a wired connection.