I was noticed that file is either damaged or cannot be found while extracting.

Please download the file from the purchased items page once again.
In case the file name includes the phrase "part", it is recommended to only re-download files that are noticed as being corrupted.

If the problem continues after several re-downloads, check the following.

1. Browser cache
There are cases in which the file is corrupted due to damaged data remaining on the browser cache, leading to the browser re-loading the same damaged data over and over.
In that case, try deleting the browser cache and download again, or try downloading from another browser.

2. Storage error
Make sure you have enough storage data for downloads on your hard disk.
Downloads may also fail if your hard disk is physically damaged and has invalid sectors.

3. Line disconnection due to unstable network connection
The download may not be able to finish due to an unstable network connection.
Downloading on a stable network connection is recommended.

4. Line disconnection due to maintenance
Please check to see if the server is currently having maintenance.
Please check S-courtDL and S-court top page for notices regarding maintenance.

5. Are you using some file system other than NTFS as a destination for downloading this game?
The file you are planning to download takes up a lot of space. If you use the FAT system, it will show an error. There are also cases in which exFAT will show an error too, so please use the NTFS file system for downloading this game.

If the issue persists after confirming the above, please contact user support by completing an inquiry form. Please list the corrupted item name in the inquiry form.